Royal Bike Taxi

Royal Bike Taxi provides superior driver-for- hire services to the general public via eco-friendly, person powered pedicabs in the downtown Savannah area. The company utilizes brightly colored, open- air pedicabs. These three-passenger vehicles are equipped with safety belts, headlights, and flashing taillights. Our chauffeurs provide friendly service and knowledgeable information about the city.

Passengers may procure pedicab service by flagging down a chauffeur or scheduling a pickup via the dispatch line (912-341-3944). The services of our pedicabs may also be rented for special events.

Royal Bike Taxi can provide one of the most unique ways to experience Savannah. From the seats of  our pedicabs, you can enjoy a special view of the city that you will remember for a long time. Whether you’re a resident or tourist to Savannah, our pedicabs will provide you with incredible adventure!